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We always operate on a short Public wait list. To join our public wait list please contact us and place a 250.00 deposit to hold your place in line.  We will go down the list for 1st, 2nd, etc. pick for your preferred color, generation, and gender.

- Elizabeth brown boy (Genoa) skip for now

- Felix brown girl (CA) skip for now

- Jackie snow girl (CA) skip for now

- Victoria snow male (CA)-skip for now

1. Mike- Charcoal (Las Vegas NV)

2. Sara- no preference (Reno)

3. Jess and Will- male (Reno)

4. Dyson- charcoal male (Reno)

5. Kelly- Brown female (Tahoe)

6. Sarah and Tom- Ginger female (Reno)

7. Vincent- female (Las Vegas)

8. Danielle- male (Reno)

9. Anne- no preference (Santa Cruz)

10.  This could be YOU!

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