We always operate on a short Public wait list. To join our public wait list please contact us and place a 250.00 deposit to hold your place in line.  We will go down the list for 1st, 2nd, etc. pick for your preferred color, generation, and gender.

1. Elizabeth brown boy (Genoa) skip for now

2. Felix brown girl (CA) skip for now

3. Jackie snow girl (CA) skip for now

4. Victoria snow male (CA)-skip for now

5. John no preference (Yerington NV)- claimed

6. Dawn- Charcoal (Las Vegas NV)

7. Shanzeh- mink girl (Las Vegas NV)

8. Jamie- girl (Reno)-claimed

9. Bethany- silver (Reno)

10. Mike- (Las Vegas NV) Charcoal

11. Jamie-marble lynx male (Reno)-claimed

12. Rachel- brown male (CA)-claimed

13. Sarah- snow or silver (Reno)- claimed

14. Sara- 2 litter mates (Reno)

15.  This could be YOU!